Music Therapy Melbourne

How does Music Therapy work?

Music has the ability to affect and change emotions and moods, and has been shown to affect our endorphins, dopamine, cortisol, blood pressure and heart rate, it is a powerful therapy. It can make people feel positive (happy, bright, excited or relaxed) or negative (sad, tearful). Music Therapy, delivered by trained therapists with musical ability is used to facilitate interactive musical experiences to help clients achieve goals. These goals may be to improve quality of life, help clients cope, awaken feelings and memories, boost mood and encourage socialisation, connection and communication, and improve physical responses and wellbeing.

Who is Music Therapy for?

Music Therapy is for people of all ages, with or without mental health issues. Some ideas about who would benefit, but not limited to:

  • premature babies, mothers pre and post birth;
  • those who have experienced and survived trauma;
  • children and teens with motor skills and motor functioning issues;
  • children, teens and adults who are non-communicative;
  • in medical settings, music therapy can be used to help patients during and throughout extensive treatment;
  • corporate groups can gain a sense of purpose and unity in the workplace by consulting a music therapist to oversee environmental music, or create zones within corporate areas
  • elderly, ill or palliative patients who are stressed, aggressive, non-communicative or with dementia.
Who delivers Music Therapy?

A music therapist who has completed a Master’s degree that is accredited by the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA). To practise, the music therapist must be registered with AMTA.

What can Music Therapy sound like?

Some music therapy sessions enable the participant to transform their experiences and emotions into a musical expression. We can design, create and record these expressions that people can refer back to for years to come. These musical expressions are a pathway to freedom of negativity, and an anchor that enables positive perspectives and life choices.

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