Webinar: Recreational Therapy and Support Options – Kinora Webinar

There are a variety of therapy options for NDIS participants outside of mainstream clinical supports. Nonclinical supports such as the ones featured in this webinar are growing in demand due to the benefits they are providing to many participants. In this webinar expert providers, including Indigo Therapy Group, chat about recreational therapy options and the benefits they can bring, as well as discuss what qualifications someone should look for when accessing these kinds of supports. 

Recreational supports work closely with your existing support team so that you can achieve your NDIS goals. The therapies, whilst categorised as non-clinical are evidence based and highly researched. 

CHAPTERS TO THE WEBINAR: 0:00 Welcome to the webinar. 0:24 Welcome Tanya Kovacs from Together We Can International 5:19 Welcome Carlin McLellan from Play Anything 9:35 What qualifications are needed as a non-clinical therapist 10:45 Welcome Simona Weinstein from Indigo Art Therapy 17:15 The science and research behind creative therapy 18:15 Welcome Dean Mighell  from Path of the Horse 26:00 Welcome Peter Wilson from Determined2 35:15 What do non clinical supports offer that clinical supports sometimes can’t? 41:09 How non-clinical therapies support non-verbal participants 42:20 Q&A – How and where you can access these services.