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Indigo Therapy Group was founded by Simona Weinstein to become a central destination for all things ‘creative therapy’, believing that evidence based modalities such as Art, Music, and Movement therapies, that encourage creative expression, reach people and their issues in different, yet powerful ways. Animal assisted therapy (AAT) was added to the suite of therapies offered because it is complementary. Positive interactions, bonding, and developing a relationship with an animal have been shown to enhance other treatments.

The range of therapies on offer are available to not only treat a range of issues from anxiety, depression, trauma, terminal illness, relationship issues, and daily stress, but to also find new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Meet the Indigo Therapy Group team

As clients, we believe that it’s important for you to know that before Indigo Therapy Group employs anyone, or works alongside specialists, we thoroughly check out their credentials to ensure parity with industry requirements and professional associations. All our associate and employee art therapists are master’s degree educated, and professionally accredited with ANZCATA, the peak professional body representing creative arts therapists in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region, have Working with Children Checks, and National Police checks.

Why choose Indigo
Therapy Group?

We believe that creative therapies are important, and alternative, goal orientated therapeutic methods that can facilitate lasting change, and growth, are effective in transforming individual and group dynamics, creating self awareness, building self-esteem, and for assisting people with social and intellectual issues, spectrum disorders, mental health challenges, life-threatening illnesses, and survivors of trauma.

Our services are extensive, and our founder Simona Weinstein is a respected, leading psychotherapy practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and extraordinary experience as a counsellor and art therapist. Note, ITG is a registered NDIS provider (therapeutic support), and a Medibank Private provider.

Why Indigo as a name?

The answer is as simple as intuition, and our founder wanted to incorporate indigo into the name. It does become a topic of conversation though, so we delved into the significance of indigo in history, because it is used extensively in art, fashion, and perhaps aptly, later in ‘new age’ philosophy as the colour of intuition and perception.

Indigo is the colour extracted from a tropical ‘pea’ plant, Indigofera tinctoria. It is a colour that hovers between deepest inky blue and violet, is a colour found in the visible light spectrum, and is the seventh colour in a rainbow. Indigo was once a rare commodity traded on the silk road that led from greater Asia to Europe. The dye became the basis for blue denim. We like that for a colour once reserved for Royalty and as a mark of prestige, it became the distinctive colour of the working classes. In Hindu, indigo is a lucky colour. In China, Mongolia, and Iran, indigo and cobalt are ceremonial colours.

Social Impact

The idea that ‘giving back’ gives purpose and meaning to one’s life is central to our being, and how we at Indigo Therapy Group conduct ourselves in life and work. We have, for as long as we remember, regularly donated to community causes. For good measure however, throw in some unexpected experiences, such as the very premature birth of one of our precious children and overcoming illness a few years ago, and these instances have spurred us to deliberately choose special causes to give to, in order to celebrate fortunate lives. Via the practice, on a monthly basis, we give 12 percent of every dollar earned to a number of charitable causes, the principle one’s being:

The Royal Women’s Hospital
The Royal Children’s Hospital

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